After a Spring-like January, the Portland area is getting a late blast of winter! Blame the Arctic polar vortex, the large, low-pressure area that typically churns over the northern pole. The polar vortex split in two & one of them dropped into western Canada, giving the Pacific Northwest a frigid jolt. #stillwinter #snow #writersofwordpress


I Applaud You!!!!

A persinal message to all my awesome followers:   I applaud those who have been through hell but are still kind and loving towards others.  You deserve everything you have ever wanted and more. I truly admire you!!!! 🌹🌹🌹.   On a personal note, I received my first rejection letter but am recharging & moving forward armed with a new list of agents (still need to hear from 3 others). Keeping fingers crossed 🤞 & pushing through rejection.     #nevergiveup #workhard #amightygirl