Why is Ultimate Frisbee such a successful breeding ground for creatives and tech superstars?

Great Article for anyone working in the start up high tech field, so exciting in the beginning where you make the rules as you go along and everyone wears many hats, no limitations.

Sarah Paddle Swim

Layout d’s, awesome blocks, sweet scubas, killer break forces, coast to coast plays, zone defence, swilly hammers, vicious blades, going ho’, and other arcane expressions are all from a particular sport which has proved to be a fertile breeding ground for startup successes.


A movie created by Joel Silver to try and fill the void after inventing Ultimate Frisbee

WhatsApp, Solar City, Google, all had founders who met and exchanged ideas on the Ultimate Frisbee pitch. You could say the sport got off to a good start, being co-invented Joel Silver, producer of the Matrix trilogy among other major movie blockbusters. Seth Godin, another creative and interesting heavyweight in the field of reinventing marketing is also a keen Ultimate player. Godin often cites it’s self refereeing ethos as a value worth having in other areas of your personal and professional life too.  Dennis ‘Cribber’ Warsen  is also another successful director who…

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