Writer Contradictions: Why I get confused.

So refreshing. Life is full of contradictions and I guess writing shoulnd’t be any different. Love this article. Thanks for blogging it.


I’ve crammed a lot into the last year; writing the book was probably the least taxing. But more than not, in my search for publication, I have found advice confusing. And this is on top of what we learned at school compared to what we learned after. But on that note, when my daughter came home from school the other day and asked what an adverbs was, I told her to never use that filthy word again and moved her into a different class. They’ll teach anything these days.

Contradictions, ambiguities, confusion, conflicts, grey areas. And I mean grey areas, not Grey areas, because Christian Grey’s area will not fit here – or many places, apparently.

This is just an observation some of you may have come encountered the following and can relate. They probably aren’t even contradictions in the true sense, but they have certainly kept me on my…

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