Benefits of Reading

Reading was my outlet growing up and I spent many weekends at the library engrossed in fiction books in far away place. The characters were rich and lovely and I knew if I stayed in school and got a good education; I could do whatever I wanted and travel and maybe see some of those places I had read about. I learned the world was bigger than any one idea or person. It was invaluable and only achieved through reading. Love this article. Hope alot of young people can read it. Thank you.

charles french words reading and writing

I have previously written about the happiness of reading, a pleasure I hope everyone, or at least, most people experience. As I wrote before, I consider reading to be one of the main joys of life.

I also want to consider the benefits of reading. I think the first, and perhaps most obvious, value is that of education. Regardless of where the reading is done, or if it is for class or for self, all reading informs the reader in some way. While there are a myriad of ways to learn in life, reading still stands out as the primary, and most efficient, way of gaining information. (I am not in any way discounting the importance of learning through experience.) Readers can learn about areas of study that exist far outside of their particular areas of understanding or expertize. For example, I am a student of English literature, but I…

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