Awesome! I wish I’d attended more rock concerts growing up. Seeing the original Journey in the 80’s overlooking the bay was the best.


They live on stage, perform for crowds of many,

Listen to the roar, lights of color streaming down.

Excitement as a song is poured out to the sea of hearts,

A story is told from each member as their instruments speak out to you.

Drummer with sticks in hands pounds to rhythm,

Like thunder, his emotion and energy, a piece of this song.

A guitarist, electric, bass, and more, fingers,

Tells an amazing story of his passion and thoughts.

On the piano or organ another member, a living part of this band,

Cries out with fingers, his own history of a man.

Singer, song writer, also a guitar in hand,

A voice echoes words of a story from heart and mind.

Many instruments may be the story of a band,

They live their dream, up on stage, as one, many a tune in hand.

Keith Garrett

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