Why does every story have a #Villain? Because our own stories do. #amwriting #amreading

1. Writing VillainsWhen we were children, alot of children’s stories had Villains:  The wolf in Little Red Riding Hood.  The evil Queen in Snow White.  The Giant in Jack and the Beanstock.  Strombolli in Pinocchio.  As we get older, we’ve learned of a whole new group of Villains, much more seious than the childhood ones:  Darth Vader in Star Wars, Magua in the Last of the Mohicans, the Dark Lord Sauron and the Orcs in The Fellowship of the Ring, even other humans like the Govenor in the Walking Dead.  We come to fear these Villains, all dark characters that send chills through us.  All these evil forces have one thing in common:  to enslave the world.  As writers, we can write about Villains with confidence because evil is cast all around us in our own world:  murder, mayhem, betrayal, famine.


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