#NaPoWriMo “The Unfamiliar Writer” by Kat Kent. (Still a WIP; but I think its starting to soar)

There’s nothing more that I want than to understand; I look here, there and everywhere for the answers that evade me.  I feel cold and I’m safe.  I write stories like a sailor on a ship.  A calm harbor is not what I am meant for.  Come sail away with me into new discoveries.  I cut the anchors that bind me; the shore is now behind me.  I’ve pulled the sails wide and higher until I’m on deeper water.  A place exists where it’s clearer.  I’m a sailor in the unfamiliar.  I believe in the mermaids guiding my ship into Atlantis.  I take chances.  Opening my mind, I’ve sailed into the arms of an open sea.  I feel warm and I’m free.  I’ve sailed away into my imagination; and it’s time to begin.  As we soar over the ocean blue; I’m a captain’s daughter once again.  Our hearts were never meant to be safe; they were meant to be free.  Please, come join me in the unfamiliar.

1. moonsail “The Unfamiliar Writer” by Kat Kent


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