5 Ways to KILL a Perfectly Good Story

This is so interesting to me. I don’t see how Jolie missed so much more story to tell than the time he was tortured as a POW. The POV’s journey to faith, contronting his tormentors, his marriage disentegrating, his finding a purpose and telling other folks his story of finding God are all so powerful. I’m with you; the whole story should have been told and could have been told if less time was spent on his torture. Thank you for the article. Good reminders in my own writing especially with regards to flashblacks.

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Over the weekend Hubby and I rested and watched movies and we took turns who could pick the film. Hubby loves dramas and war films. I prefer horror and space aliens. Anyway, Hubby chose the drama Unbroken and that is three hours of my life I will never get back.

Halfway through the movie, I had Hubby pause to check out how much more of this film I would have to endure, and I’m pretty sure I was worse than sitting with a young kid in a dentist’s waiting room.

I’m BORED! *plays with spit*

Though the intentions behind making the movie were noble and the cinematography superb, the fictionalization fell flat. And, since I don’t like wasting my time, I figure we can at least look at what went wrong with the movie and use it as a cautionary tale and example of what not to do.

What bugs…

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