#Revision=the most #fun of all. Its time to savor (what’s working) and spice up (what doesn’t). Kat Kent #amwriting

1. Spice it upSomewhere along the way; I think revision got a bad name.  Many writers dread reworking their manuscripts, don’t do it and therefore lower their chances to be published.  I’m finding revision can be the most enjoyable part of writing because I’ve already done the hardest work and most of my ideas are written down.

Now, its time to reshuffle some of my ideas, cut unnecessary chatter and dive into making my book shine; kinda like seasoning a stew, chili or sauce.  Savor (what’s working) and spice (what doesn’t).  I’m thorougly enjoying the revision process.

If your someone who loves the writing process more (I get tingles all over too); no worries:  you’ll be back at page one of your next manuscript when this project is done and you can say, “It’s a wrap.”


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