WCBU preview : Team Uganda

Team Uganda: We train rain or shine. You are so win, Team Uganda!

Sarah Paddle Swim

By @SimonCocking interview with Team Uganda


How long has ultimate been going in Uganda? How many people play

Ultimate in Uganda has been going on over 17 years,  estimate about over 60 people play Ultimate in Kampala and another 60 for other clubs around the Country. The game mostly grew in Kampala City, there are two clubs, that’s is to say the Kampala Ultimate Frisbee Club and Makindye Ultimate Frisbee Club however Ultimate is also played in other districts such as Gulu, Masaka, Mbarara(Ishaka) and Fortportal.


How has it been training over the winter?

Uganda has 2 seasons rainy season and sunny season, we don’t have winter! We train rain or shine 🙂

Because Uganda is a land locked Country, beach spaces/fields are not very big and it’s about 40 km from Capital city so we have been driving every Sunday morning to train on Sunday so that we…

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