The Final Gift

Thank you for posting such a beautiful and truthful story; they are still the best. Cheers to your father…and you. Kat.


Father’s Day gifts. Some say it’s more difficult to buy for men, especially as they get older.

Except for my father. He was passionate about so many things.

A lifetime golfer, cigar smoker, bourbon aficionado, poker player, coin collector and best of all, gourmet cook and foodie, he was easy to please when it came to gifts.

On what turned out to be his last Father’s Day, I took him a gourmet fruit basket. He lived just less than an hour away, and this time, I delivered it in person.

StottsvilleInn_0 The Stottsville Inn. Est. 1740

Just a few weeks prior, his wife had gathered us all for a surprise 74th birthday dinner at a lovely historic Inn. We arrived from all over,  3 generations of us. That took some doing to pull off, he was indeed surprised.

There were tears as well as joy. It was a huge success.


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