Charlie (to her secret crush, Phin): “My mom had a saying: the way you meet them is the way you leave them.”

Phin grins ear to ear:  “Yeah, in a bar!”

Charlie:  He’s the love of my life and I’m just a fling.  “Life is so unfair.”

Phin:  She isn’t once in a while; she’s once in a lifetime.  “Is it?  My motto, Charlie, live life to the fullest and don’t put rules on me.”

Charlie:  One day, he’ll see, I’m the one he’s been looking for and those were my tears falling on him.  Till then…  She searches the empty basket for more fries.  “We’re going to need more fries.”

Mama's Boys Burgers, LeavenworthThe Leaplings hangout:  Mama’s Burgers.  The Leaplings by Kat Kent. #amwriting


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