An odd day in Paris


Le Drake Noir

Q 39

Probably two mermaids from the river Seine climbed one of the bridges.

An odd day in Paris.

With Odd Ball Challenge (the worth visiting Cee) as the inspiring reminder.

Q 40

A world famous tower constructed by a guy named Eiffel,
a place where people mostly take a photo or two no matter time or weather.

Q 41

Victor Hugo believed that Quasimodo, the “hunchback of Notre-Dame” lived here
the french title was “Notre-Dame de Paris” – worth reading in the original language.
Less well translated into english and especially danish,
where most translations are miserable.
And precisely “Les Miserables” is indeed a completely different story we all know.
Saw neither Quasimodo nor Esmeralda, only pigeons and tourists.

Q 42

A museum where a roof is the most photographed subject and even from the outside.
Please imagine, to wish a photo of the love of your life in an egyptian mausoleum in Paris.

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