Katnips #5: Write Like Someone Left the Gate Open. #amwriting #amreading #books

This week’s Katnip is a comparison to my dog, Thunder, and what it takes to jump into your writing.  When you jump into your writing, remember to leave the gate open, no hold’s barred.

I rescued this precious little guy from the Humane Society and named him Thunder, a name that perfectly fits his vivacious and alive personality.  I should mention that Thunder would never hurt a flea and has a huge fan club in the neighborhood.  Like any dog, his favorite thing to do is to go to the  park.  He takes off running and smiling ear to ear, like someone left the gate open.

When I go to write, I think of Thunder and his compassion to be alive and let go.

Abigail Thomas said it so well:

“But the jumping-off place isn’t always so obvious.  You can’t always find the way in.  Sometimes you need a side door.”  Abigail Thomas.  (or a side gate)



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