About Kat Kent

kat kent    Kat Kent is the writer of the Young Adult Trilogy, The Leaplings.  She shares tips and inspiration for writers of all genres.  Kat is having a blast writing in the Young Adult Thriller genre.  She is a forward thinking, enthusiastic, life-loving individual who isn’t afraid to take the bull by the horn and charge full speed ahead.

“If I can learn it; I’d like to try and do it.  I don’t believe anyone should limit their possiblities or let themselves be put into categories.  I believe in treating people the way you would like to be treated, be kind all the time.”

“To stay in shape, I swim forty laps per day and study holistic exercises through dance.”

“Many people overvalue what they’re not and undervalue who they already are.” Milan Ljubincic.

Please follow me on twitter at twitter.com/leaplings.


15 thoughts on “About Kat Kent

  1. HI, Kat! Thanks for stopping by my blog and liking something. I am in awe of your swimming 40 laps a day and doing holistic exercises, too. Way to go! You have the exercise spectrum covered, both aerobic and weight-bearing. I am enjoying my visit to your blog. Keep up the good work!

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    • Thank you for your kind words, Tony. It is so sweet of you to comment about my exercise. I started swimming when I was in college as a relief from studying all the time. Swimming stuck and helps my mind get in the zone so I imagine some of my best writing ideas when I’m outside in the water.

      All the best to you and look forward to keeping in touch. Love and peace, Kat.


  2. HI, Kat! Thanks for stopping by my blog again and liking my post on the joys and benefits of bike riding. BTW, I also have no middle name, so we have that in common, too. See you around.

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